Workforce Solutions Careers Pathway event invites students to explore new job opportunities

SAN ANTONIO – Workforce Solutions Alamo hosted more than 700 Alamo-area students at its annual High School to Careers Pathways event.

The in-person career exploration event for ages 16-24 brought together students from 45 different schools in 13 counties.

It provides students with hands-on opportunities to learn about high-demand occupations as well as access to job and career readiness resources.

Many of the employers in attendance are offering well-paying jobs that have the possibility of growth within the companies.

Students got time to network with employers, check out interactive pop-up booths, take professional headshots, as well as take in career and motivational advice.

“Really what I took away from it was even if you come from this bad background or this low-income place, you can really rise above and be successful,” said high school student Leona Fletcher.

The event had motivational and informative guest speakers representing high-growth industries such as Aerospace, Construction, Education/Finance, Healthcare, Information Technology/Cybersecurity, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas. Among the advice, optimizing and starting your LinkedIn as early as 16.

“It’s the best way to get your field of operations open and wide and more businesses will find out about you earlier on. [It] Gives you better chances to find a field that you like,” said high school student Alfred Borrego.

Workforce Solutions’ goal is to highlight career opportunities, teach, and motivate the next wave of the workforce.

“We’re trying to engage and active youth in what their career pathways could look like. I would encourage anyone interest in upscaling or getting a certification or pursuing what that career ladder is to visit a Workforce Solutions’ office,” said Chief Operations Officer with Workforce Solutions, Kathrine Pipoly.

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