QLD Business + Property Lawyers: The Law Firm that Helps Business Owners Sleep at Night

The firm offers a broad range of cost-effective and concise legal services for business owners.

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, September 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — QLD Business + Property Lawyers is pleased to announce that, after 75 years of service, it is continuing to help business owners to sleep at night.

QLD Business + Property Lawyers (QBPL) is a speciality firm within the CCL group that provides Queensland businesses with concise and cost-effective legal services. With a strong team of commercial law experts, QBPL can assist with supply terms for goods and services; sale and purchase of businesses; distribution etc. agreements; franchises; leases as well as all types of debt and contract disputes.

According to the firm, now more than ever, businesses have been seeking out their legal services in large numbers – a side effect of the ongoing global pandemic. As the business world has rapidly evolved into unchartered territories, small to large corporations alike are needing the input from legal experts in Queensland. Fortunately, QBPL has been there to take their calls.

“We support businesses in a vast number of industries, from land development to real estate, hospitality, aviation, medical, and agriculture,” says Peter Carter, Legal Practice Director of QBPL. “Businesses in these industries, and others, are facing the reality that business as we used to know it has changed. We provide support to help them navigate these changes in a stress-free and innovative way that delivers outstanding client value. No matter your legal needs, simply give us a call so we can discuss your end goals.”

For more information about QLD Business + Property Lawyers, or to contact, please visit https://qldbusinesspropertylawyers.com.au/.

About QBPL

QLD Business + Property Lawyers (QBPL) is a Brisbane-based legal team and expert in business and property transactions and disputes. The firm’s mission is to leverage the knowledge and expertise of its talented people to achieve excellent outcomes for clients.

QBPL has a focus on providing quality advice with the insight to meet all foreseeable contingencies and to manage the transaction, so all clients’ needs are met and exceeded.

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Peter Carter

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Peter Carter
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